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on-locATION Photoshoot - Two Small Fish Ventures

Though I had moved on from my position at Wattpad, when Wattpad Founder Allen Lau wanted photos for the launch of he and his wife Eva's Venture Investment company, Two Small Fish, he approached me. I jumped at the opportunity both because Allen is a good friend, and because the current Wattpad office is the very epitome of the brick-and-beam start up office dream. Though I worked in this particular office for over a year, I'm still finding surprising angles from which to shoot it.

This shoot was carried out with my usual minimalist kit, all of which fits into a camera backpack and a tripod bag.

Guerilla Studio Shoot - Voye Tech Clutch

The following photos are from a guerilla, studio-style shoot for a prototype tech clutch, the Voye. I say "guerilla" as we didn't have access to a studio for the shoot, so I set up the following with off-camera flash and two umbrellas. I have a lot of experience with this style of photography: using available light and minimal light modifications for off-camera flash to produce studio-quality photos without need for mountains of gear and space.

Tech events - wattpad parties 

Thought it wasn't an official part of my role as Copywriter at Wattpad, my photographic experience quickly landed me as official Wattpad event photographer. Though an ultrawide lens is a must for getting crowd shots at events, I tend to get my best, most intimate-looking results from using a 50 or 85mm f1.4 lens at events. They have the write coverage to allow you to creep on people without disturbing them by shoving a lens in their faces, and the shallow depth of field does wonders at isolating individuals from groups.

In-Situ Product Shoot - Ontario Spring Water Sake Company

As part of my freelance employment as a writer and photographer for Bento Box magazine in Toronto, I'm often asked to pull of great photos in less than ideal conditions. One particularly memorable case had me shooting ad-quality product photos of Sake while being crammed into the back corner of the Ontario Spring Water sake brewery, while the brewmaster and his crew were trying to clean the place. The only lighting I had to work with was what was on hand and what my single flash could provide.

Tech Events - Big Viking Games Feasts

BVG CEO Albert Lai is definitely a photophile, so he was pretty stoked about my photography chops when I joined the company.

Conferences - TEDxYouth Toronto

I've been working with TEDxYouth Toronto as their photographer since 2013.