Lovebot - Quick & Quiet 2 - Streetart Show

One of my pet hobbies is photographing Toronto streetart and graffiti. As this stuff is usually tucked away in alleys, people seem to miss just how much of it brightens up the cold concrete of our city, so I like getting it out there in front of people's eyeballs. Through my adventures in alleyways, I've had the fortune to meet one of Toronto's most prolific artists: Lovebot.

He recently put on a very small show at this studio, and I had the chance to snap some photos of him in his element. Though there are a lot of Lovebot wheatpastes/posters cropping up in the city, and the occasional painted piece, the artist made his start with actual, physical Lovebot sculptures cast in concrete. What I loved most about this shoot was that it showcased that solid concrete heritage of the art with the big stack of concrete bags smack in the centre of the room.