Film Festival - EstDocs 2016


I reprised my annual role as an official photographer for the Toronto Estonian Documentary Film Festival (EstDocs). It's a wonderfully serious, dour, baltic affair until all the volunteers get bored between screenings and start demanding jump shots.

Photobooth / Step and Repeat - EstDocs 2015

I was once again hired as an official photographer for the Toronto Estonian Documentary Film Festival. They wanted me back because they claimed I had a lot more fun with folks in front of the step and repeat than other photographers. And here I was thinking it was the Estonians who made it so much fun...

Photobooth & Event @ Wattpad IFOA Party

As part of Wattpad's IFOA reception, they wanted to capitalize on how close the party was to Hallowe'en by having me not only handle event photography but also run a photobooth in the event space. The event attendees took up the weird hats and props with relish.

Photobooth - Kizuna Program & Toronto Kimono Club

As part of Malvern Collegiate's recent Kizuna Night, the fine folks at the Toronto Kimono Club volunteered to bring in their vast collection of kimono (well, yukata, actually) so that folks could try them on.

 I volunteered to be the photographer for the on-site photo booth. the goal of the night was to raise money for a University scholarship program benefiting students in the Tohoku region (which, of course, was hit by the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami).

I've done a lot of photography for the Kizuna exchange group as an outgrowth of my work with the Consulate, and I'm always amazed by how energetic the students are at Malvern.