Corporate Headshots - Famli.Net

Famli.Net is in the process of accomplishing some super secret things as part of the TAG lab at the U of T. In order to be press-ready when it's finally time to unveil their product, they had me in to take some corporate headshots in the inspiring setting of the Bahen Centre.

Headshots - V


V hired me to take some headshots to help jump start her acting career.

LinkedIn Headshots - JET Alumni Association


Every year I help out the JET Alumni Association of Toronto by providing their newly-returned English teachers with professional headshots to jump start their LinkedIn profiles.

Two Small Fish Ventures / Lau Family Photoshoot

In my time at Toronto consumer internet success story, Wattpad, I became good friends with co-founder Allen Lau and his wife Eva. When Allen and Eva started their own Venture Capital firm on the side, they were using a decent, but not exactly amazing, photo of them that I'd snapped at a random Wattpad party. I suggested that we could do much better with a proper shoot, and they took me up on it.

As Allen and Eva are never very far from their daughters, the shoot evolved into a combination professional / family photoshoot.  It was good to have the girls around to lighten the mood since Allen and Eva are such naturally warm people. 

Headshots for N

A friend at work was in need of some headshots for a side project she was taking on, so we availed ourselves of some of the best end-of-day light to be found in North York for an quick photoshoot.

Parade First Rehearsal

Parade banner.jpg

As part of the full photographic coverage that I will be providing to StageWorks Toronto for their 2013 production of Parade, I came out to their first rehearsal to fill some headshot holes and to document them getting down to business. 

PARADE is coming...

Parade banner.jpg

Stageworks Toronto has kicked off auditions for its 2013 summer production of Parade, and I have once again been hired to provide them with promotional photography for the show. They also asked if I could support them at auditions, providing quality headshots for anyone who showed up without one. In the gaps left by no-shows, I killed time by pointing my camera at members of the production staff.


FoH Portraits - Pajama Game

Bokeh Photography has been hired by Onstage Productions to provide theatrical photography services for their upcoming production of The Pajama Game. Most recently, we took a series of headshots of all the actors in costume for use in promotional material for the production.