R & R Engagement Shoot

R & R sought me out for their engagement photos because of our shared love for streetart. They had a bit of a tall order in that they wanted a mix of woodland/nature-y settings, as well as some more urban/industrial settings that definitely featured some streetart. 

Fortunately, the Don Valley provides :)

Engagement Shoot: S & K

Engage S n K

An engagement shoot in Liberty Village with S & K. 

Period Shoot in the Distillery

I was once again hired by theatre company Stageworks Toronto to photograph their 2013 production, Parade. To help promote the show, we took the two main characters to the Distillery district for a period shoot. The play is a little dark, so I couldn't help feeling like this was kind of a star-crossed / doomed lovers engagement shoot :P

Engagement Shoot: J & C

J&C Engaged

An engagement shoot I did up in cottage country. You wouldn't know from the smiling bride and groom that we were all getting absolutely swarmed by blackflies.