Elicser - Toronto Graffiti Artists


The first in what I hope to be an ongoing series cataloguing graffiti artists in The City and my obsession with graffiti in general.

I know pretty much nothing about Toronto graffiti artist Elicser (or, on Instagram, @elicserelliott). However, his unique style was likely the first I ever picked out and started to recognize in my former aimless fascination with Toronto's graffiti. It was probably Elicser who spurned me to get off my ass as far as putting my camera where my mouth with this whole love of graffiti thing. And it was certainly Elicser who inspired me to actually figure out these artists' names so I could start truly cataloguing and appreciating the breadth of their work. 

I now feel like every new bike-powered, camera-totting graffiti safari through the alleys of Toronto is just an attempt to track down more Elicsers that happens to lead me to find a great deal more.

My first-ever Elicser, taken on a crappy Samsung phone.

My first-ever Elicser, taken on a crappy Samsung phone.

The following is not an exhaustive look at his work, but it should be enough to get you started and to get you noticing those unique, piercing eyes staring out at you from behind a passing snarl of colour.

I hope you like his stuff as much as I do. I'm sure to post a lot more of it.

The full Regent Park mural. Not sure how the site is going to bastardize it when you click...