Sometimes an alley...

Since last month's K-Pop event had been so much fun to shoot, I decided to go out for the May event as well. In addition to the dance party, there was meant to be a Harajuku fashion show, and, having previously had my mind blown by Harajuku in person...


...I assumed a whole fashion show would have been a blast to photograph.

Turns out it was just a bunch of Gothic Lolita/Some Other Randomness girls standing on stage and answering interview questions about how they learned to coordinate all that lace.

As interesting as that may be to some, it failed to live up to the Harajuku Fashion Show Of Awesome hype, so we left in search of other adventures and wound up in an alley with a lot of graffiti and a little bit of sakura.

Though I lacked a tripod or a lightstand, we made do.