On our final day in Algonquin last week, we decided to take in Ragged Falls. When we set out, we had no idea of the madness we would encounter at the actual waterfall...

Slack-lining over Ragged Falls

...and as my buddy and I had shown up packing glass, we were quickly roped into helping to document the feat. Thus, I wound up spending the better part of an hour, clinging to a rockface beneath the slack line, with this view at my feet:

Watch your step.

In order to keep myself entertained and to distract from the fact that my feet were quickly turning to blocks of ice, I lost myself in the final battle between winter and spring that was playing out among the moss on the cliff face. Once again, I'd only thought to bring my 35-70mm f2.8, but the archaic thing's marco feature certainly came in handy. 

I give you ICE: