Corporate Headshots - Famli.Net

Famli.Net is in the process of accomplishing some super secret things as part of the TAG lab at the U of T. In order to be press-ready when it's finally time to unveil their product, they had me in to take some corporate headshots in the inspiring setting of the Bahen Centre.

Wedding of M & M


It's become apparent that there's a certain magic to small weddings that big, cinematic affairs can't exactly capture. I always relish the chance to be a part of a truly small wedding, so I jumped at the opportunity to document this living room ceremony.

Events - Bike Lanes on Bloor for Cycle Toronto


This event, hosted as part of the Honest Ed's swan song celebration, brought together some big names from the Toronto municipal politics and cycling advocacy groups for a town hall on Bloor bike lanes. I was in attendance as the photographer for advocacy group Cycle Toronto.

Headshots - V


V hired me to take some headshots to help jump start her acting career.

Event Photography - TEDxYouth Toronto 2016

TEDx Toronto Event Photography

The 2016 edition of TEDxYouth Toronto marks the third time I've been hired to photograph the event. I keep coming back because the absolute energy that all these brilliant young people bring to the event, and their utter obsession with mad jump shots.

LinkedIn Headshots - JET Alumni Association


Every year I help out the JET Alumni Association of Toronto by providing their newly-returned English teachers with professional headshots to jump start their LinkedIn profiles.

Film Festival - EstDocs 2016


I reprised my annual role as an official photographer for the Toronto Estonian Documentary Film Festival (EstDocs). It's a wonderfully serious, dour, baltic affair until all the volunteers get bored between screenings and start demanding jump shots.

Wedding of R & C


I've attended some pretty classy weddings, but this one really took the cake. These kids made Hotel Ocho look amazing by filling it with their love and their energy. They had a real chemistry about them, and I'm proud to have been able to capture some small piece of it.