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AnimeNorth 2013 - Cosplay Photo Shoots

I am now taking reservations for on-site cosplay photoshoots at this year's Anime North convention. Pricing is $20 per person, per hour, and that includes having a CD/DVD of your photos mailed out to you. If you're interested in booking an on-site cosplay photoshoot, please use the form below to request a time and date. 

If you would like to do an off-site shoot, I am happy to book those as well. They are available at a rate of $100/hour for as many individuals as you'd like to include. For off-site shoots, please inquire through the standard Bokeh contact form. Off-site shoots can also be accommodated before or after the convention as desired locations may not be close to the convention venue.

Contact Name *
Contact Name
If you are booking for a group, choose one member who will be the primary contact.
How many people will participate in your shoot?
Requested Shoot Date *
Though we do our best to accommodate everyone's preferred time, you may be asked to be flexible on the timing of your shoot.
Provide a name and link to an image of who/what you'll be cosplaying so we know what we're dealing with.
Anything else I should be aware of?
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