My interest in photography was sparked when my father handed me a cast-off 8mm Instamatic. He continued to encourage my photographic impulse through successive generations of Konica Minolta SLRs, early Olympus digital, and into the current generation of Nikon DSLR cameras.

Eventually, I turned my hobby into a profession, leading to the creation of Bokeh Photography. I offer all manner of photographic services, from wedding, theatre, and event photography, to more mundane tasks, like retouching.

I am serious about photography, no matter how big or small the project. It is my belief that there is nothing so insignificant that it doesn't deserve to be documented beautifully.


But why "Bokeh"?

 A photographer could tell you that the word is used to describe the quality of defocused detail in an image. A linguist could tell you that the word originated in the Japanese language as "Bokeru," or 暈ける, meaning "blur", "haze", or in particularly poetic translations, "halo". Having lived in Japan for two years, and having become involved with the Japanese community in Toronto subsequent to that, I enjoy the confluence of language and photography that exists in "Bokeh".

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